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Coffee Shop Culture: Which one are you?

I’ve spent a lot of time in coffee shops over the years and I still like them. And, well, sure you may be thinking of Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee or.. Seattle’s Best (which major ones have I missed?), I’m talking smaller shops. The best coffee shop is the one where you feel the most comfortable in. I like quiet ones;…

Think About Your Favorite Movies, Then Read This

So people usually have this crazy reaction when they hear that I don’t particularly like watching movies. They almost seem offended when they find out that I haven’t seen Star Wars or Harry Potter films. It isn’t that I don’t like movies.. I just don’t like watching them. Now you get it? I didn’t think so. Let’s just pretend I made a…

152. Quitting your job

Giving an official notice to leave something is awkward. How do you tell your awesome manager that you’re leaving? It feels like breaking up, and they never expect it. I’ve quit jobs by both on the spot, and with adequate notice. Few have felt nice, but some have been really bad to leave. You’d be surprised! I quit working at…

Let's Get Personal.

It is time. We have gotten to know each other here on for a little over three years now, and I’m about to make things even more awkward. We’re getting personal. Introducing, my new personal blog: To Do With My Life (.com) Subscribe.

Alright, everyone take out your Shake Weights™!

Google it. You’ve heard me complain about spam here, but it has become a problem. I can’t keep my “open comment” policy, hahaha. People used to submit comments on really old posts without the moderation. You could submit awkward stories anonymously without worrying that you’ll land in a spam folder. Oh well. The latest victim is my post on Farting…

How do you keep track of your internet passwords?

I am seriously surprised at the enormous amount of number and letter combinations I can remember to access my favorite websites and online services. Stamps, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, HootSuite, Yahoo!, MyNook… and the list goes ON AND ON! Some request a capital letter and a number, others BEG you to include a “special character” …uhh like in…

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