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Not texting someone back and then seeing them in person

Who here has a habit of keeping their phone on silent mode, or at least telling the whole world that you do because you don’t reply to text messages right away? Do you guys know that little “Read” option that iMessage has? It literally tells the other person if you’ve read their message or not. I think it says a…

Smelling your clothes to check if they're clean

Alright, so when I was a kid I remember my mom coming into my room and asking me why my clothes were all over the place, and why I didn’t use that basket thingy she got for the dirty clothes, and why I always needed batteries for my GameBoy, and to go outside and play, and.. well a bunch of…

Let's Get Personal.

It is time. We have gotten to know each other here on for a little over three years now, and I’m about to make things even more awkward. We’re getting personal. Introducing, my new personal blog: To Do With My Life (.com) Subscribe.

Trying to pick up a coin from a flat surface

Dropping change is just bad. I can never pick up the coins on the first try. Am I the only one with this problem?   Sometimes when buying something at the store and the cashier's hand misses mine and he or she drops a dime on the flat surface, I try to pick it up with one hand using my…

Checking yourself out on a reflective window

Men and women have a completely different way of approaching a reflective surface. Men typically look at themselves, and straighten up the posture and relax the shoulders. Women, on the other hand, have a script written out detailing their every move. Let’s assume that you are a woman walking down the street at 7am, not many people are around and…

How to Act Like Yourself Around Your Crush

150. Trying to act cool around someone you like You hear about this all over the place: When you tell a couple of friends that you have a huge crush on some girl, and then they try to leave you two alone, and suddenly their new life goal is to make it awkward for you every time she’s around. Like…

Happy Anniversary!

Dear bloggers and readers, Thank you!¬† I received this notice from WordPress to renew my domain name *cough* for $18 *cough*, ¬†then I thought: if I didn’t have you guys, I would’ve looked at the bill, kindly say “screw this,” and then let it fade into the heaven of the internet. And then WordPress sent me a little reminder saying…

Your comment is awaiting moderation

I know, its a feature that stops people hating on your blog from going public. YouTube is like the ghetto area of the internet; in there, anything goes. Rebecca Black knows what I’m talking about. Am I right? Am I right?! Ok that was messed up. Sorry. I am definitely against bullying of all kinds, and I’m all for moderating…

Becoming a Verb

139. When your friends use your name as a verb to refer to something you constantly do Are you a verb? I’m not hoping to start an argument here. You can be what ever you set your mind to, so if you choose to be a contraction or an adjective, go for it. “But I’m a noun.” Yes. I know…

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