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Awkward Family Holiday Parties

Did any of you guys go to your in-law’s home for the holidays? Was it awkward? It’s weird, for a while now I have been getting invited to spend christmas in other people’s homes. This past Thanksgiving was spent eating bad Ecuadorian instant noodles and watching Netflix. So I guess not that different than normal. You know how when you…

Send this to someone you hate

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When your spoon gets swallowed up by your soup

Have you ever been eating soup all relaxed, or maybe during a first date (so super nervous), and leave your spoon leaning against the wall of your bowl, when IT happens? The spoon becomes alive as it tries to escape, and you see it fall slowly, slowly, until it disappears underneath all of that tomato or pasta or veggies or…

Everyone Here Has The Runs

Around the hostel where I am staying, people are beginning to say that there is a curse because lots of us are getting sick. Getting diarrhea stops you from doing lots of things, but most importantly… Pooping in a shared hostel stay is awkward Imagine hearing gases and liquids and solids coming out of someone’s body in the middle of…

My dog makes it awkward at dog parks

So I took my dog to the dog park the other day. There he is taking over my bed and sleeping in it. His name is Jax, and he follows me absolutely everywhere. You’ve probably seen him on my Instagram page, back when he really needed a haircut. He’s friendly, and he likes to sleep. He doesn’t get to hang…

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