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152. Quitting your job

Giving an official notice to leave something is awkward. How do you tell your awesome manager that you’re leaving? It feels like breaking up, and they never expect it. I’ve quit jobs by both on the spot, and with adequate notice. Few have felt nice, but some have been really bad to leave. You’d be surprised! I quit working at…

7 Most Awkward Meals to Eat on Your First Date

First dates are awkward enough already. Trying to find something to talk about, trying to leave a good impression, and making sure that there is no cilantro on your teeth are some of the basics. But if you want to step out of the “he orders a steak, she orders a salad” type of thing, make sure you don’t step…

Alright, everyone take out your Shake Weights™!

Google it. You’ve heard me complain about spam here, but it has become a problem. I can’t keep my “open comment” policy, hahaha. People used to submit comments on really old posts without the moderation. You could submit awkward stories anonymously without worrying that you’ll land in a spam folder. Oh well. The latest victim is my post on Farting…

How do you keep track of your internet passwords?

I am seriously surprised at the enormous amount of number and letter combinations I can remember to access my favorite websites and online services. Stamps, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, HootSuite, Yahoo!, MyNook… and the list goes ON AND ON! Some request a capital letter and a number, others BEG you to include a “special character” …uhh like in…

148. Leaving a store without buying anything

Sometimes, when I’m walking by a store with automatic doors, and they open even though I’m not going inside, I feel like they’re welcoming me in and it would be rude not to go in. What? I know that’s weird. I’m just being honest with you guys.  That being said, I walk into many stores when I’m walking around the…

5 Email Signatures and What They Really Mean

Even though email may seem like extremely old-fashioned nowadays, I do it often. Like actual correspondence-type emails. Yes. That happens. Sometimes I’m responding back to customer’s questions, and other times I’m reading awkward stories that you guys share with me via email. My first experience using Outlook in a job setting was in Colorado back in 2009, where the world…

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