The extras in a movie

Have you ever been an extra in a movie?

Movie extras are forced to live through awkward moments. Sometimes they get paid for it, sometimes it is them that pay, and sometimes they do it for free.

When I’m watching a movie, and I see a crowd of people in a scene, like in a sidewalk or a bar, I can’t help focusing on the fact that these guys are acting. They are pretending to have conversations with each other and drinking ginger ale instead of beer at bars, pretending to be these cool people that everyone wants to be around.

What do these people talk about? Do they really say “watermelon” or “carrots and peas” over and over? Do they even have real conversations?

The one person that walks in front of the camera during a street view scene. You know what I’m talking about here? These people’s job is to walk and act normal. Acting normal is difficult, think of how awkward it is to act normal in front of a police officer.. yes, NOW you know what I’m talking about!

Is there a minimum level of attractiveness for these parts? Because I have not yet seen a scene where the extras are ugly to look at. Actually, I might be the only one here that actually notices them at all.. which is sad, both for them and for me.

Next time you’re watching a TV show or a movie, take a look at the extras and notice what they are doing.. and think about how awkward they must be feeling trying to “act normal”



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