98. Your ex shows up as your "best match" in a dating website

After all, you both had some stuff in common ..right?

You get out of a relationship. After a while,  your friends begin to remind you that being alone is not the only option. They set you up with people, they take you out places, and introduce you to many people that just don’t fit your idea of a new partner. You’d think they would give up after failing ten or fifteen times, but they’re stubborn.

Then you get that one friend that discreetly tells you that she once tried online dating, and that she had a good experience with it. Then, of course, you pretend like it never crossed your mind and also act like you need some convincing. Fortunately for you, she actually tries to convince  you and even sets up your account for you.

So trying to keep it semi-secret, you only log in when you’re at home by yourself and make sure that nobody looks over your shoulder while you’re reading all of the “Welcome to DateZoo!” (completely made up, it might actually be a website though) emails, the set up communications, and the promotional upgrades:

“For only 4.95 a month, we give you hotter people! While supplies last.

 Here is how a dating site works:

  • Set up an account, highlight your good qualities and hide your bad ones in text.
  • Pick a good profile picture, even if its you before you gained weight six months ago.
  • The website finds people that have things in common with you, and they show up as matches and even gives it an easy-to-read rating so you can go through fifty people in a couple of minutes.
  • Contact the person you’re interested in. If you get no response, don’t worry; it will happen often.

In looking through so many different profiles, you are bound to find other people who are also living the secret dating site life (some who might even already have committed relationships ..shame on you!) but it gets even more awkward when your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend shows up as your best match.

Unfortunately, they probably see your picture on their homepage as well. Eh, at least you’ll have something to talk about once you bump into each other at the grocery store.

Have you ever had an awkward experience with a dating site?

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