76. When the computer asks if you would like to save your changes

..And you are 100% SURE you have changed NOTHING!

You quickly try to skim the Word document, and try to see if you accidentally deleted a paragraph or two by accident. Sometimes, the touch pad on my laptop highlights paragraphs accidentally and as soon as I type something .. poof! Its gone. My greatest fear is to not notice, save, and then lose the paragraph(s) forever.

O.K. so maybe it isn’t my greatest fear, but its in the top 100.

But what are we supposed to do when that little window pops up just as we are about to shut down the computer? It goes something like:

Wow, I’m so glad this paper is almost ready.. its saved.. alright, time to close it. *click*

“Would you like to save the changes you have made to ‘How Justin Bieber is Cool’?”

What? Oh dear. What did I change? *click*

Oh no! I clicked “No” because I didn’t want it to save just yet. What just happened!? Now my document is closed. *Click*

Oh no. Ohh please no. Ahh! HOLY COW! There’s smoke coming out of my computer!!


Alright, so maybe things don’t necessarily go that way all the time, but that’s how I visualize it sometimes (without the Justin Bieber part, of course). Pretty bad, right? But hey, it isn’t so bad now. There are new features on computer software that can save your “unsaved data” (whoa.. scary), besides being creepy, those features might be helpful to that 5 percent of the population that can actually figure out how to get to it.

Oh technology, its so awesome when it doesn’t work against us.

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