70. Someone you unfriended requests you on Facebook

I know what you writers are about to say: “It isn’t ‘unfriend’ it is ‘defriend’ ”

Well I have news for you guys!
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The Word of the Year for 2009 is “Unfriend” as announced by The New Oxford American Dictionary (OAD). (Though maybe the past tense “unfriended” might not be a word …yet.)

Think about how easy it is to unfriend somebody: You go to your friend’s list and click on the little X next to it, Facebook asks you if you’re sure, and you reassure them that you have made your decision and BAM! Defriended!

“OMG! I like totally can’t believe we weren’t Facebook friends yet!”

I saw that message when I received a friend request from someone I removed from my friend’s list because I kept getting invites for FarmVille, and then to join their Mafia, and Restaurant City, etc. And to be quite honest, I had never really had a conversation with her, not online and not in person.

I’m not very sure of what I was thinking when I removed her from my friend’s list, maybe I didn’t realize that things could turn out awkward some day. Facebook should try to relieve the awkwardness!

Update: Supposedly now there is an awkward ‘unfriended’ feature on Facebook. Be sure to check out the articles at the bottom of this post!

Dear Facebook,

When I unfriend someone, please do not allow them to find out that I did so by having me show up on their people you may know feature, it tends to make things a bit awkward. Even though I can’t blame you for not being aware of this, I would also suggest that you stop showing my past girlfriends’ new boyfriends on that list as well, no matter how many friends in common we may have. Oh and fix your chat feature.



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For those of you Facebook users out there, we should start a blogging community group! Some of you might already be a part of online blogging communities, and you know all of the advantages that come from such groups:

  • Develop new ideas!
  • Writings tips
  • Lots of new subscribers!
  • Get to meet people with similar interests
  • ..and a chance to share your thoughts with fellow bloggers!
Since Facebook is extremely easy to use, and many people have it, it will be awesome! In order to get this started, all we need is a couple of volunteer group administrators, and people willing to join! Easy enough? Let me know what you think via comments on this post, or contact me via Facebook, Twitter, or email and we’ll get this show on the road.
Stay tuned!


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