103. When you can't tell if someone is male or female

Some people just look neutral.

And that’s awkward.

I was thinking about looking up some pictures to show you guys what I mean, but then I decided that doing so would be a little mean. I can’t remember how many times this has happened to me and my friends.. but every single time it happens, we all share a “look”. It is a little like the look two friends share when someone attractive walks into the room. Except the I-don’t-know-if-that’s-a-girl look is more of a confused/I’m-about-to-laugh look.

It is understandable if we can’t tell the gender of babies, but as an adult its just weird.

I was sitting in my dorm room in college when a friend and a group of random people stepped in to hang out. One of those random people looked, err.. confusing and that person was standing by the door next to a definite girl. As another friend arrived and worked his way through both of them, he said:

Excuse me ladies,”

That’s when me and someone shared “The Look”.

To make it a little more awkward, another friend (yes, it got a little crowded), stepped in and he turned the definite girl and said “Hey, how are you?” and then turned to the confusing person and said..

Hey dude, how’s it going?”

Whoa! There is no way I was the only one to catch that.

Well in the end, we didn’t figure it out because we assumed it would be a little too rude to ask anybody and to top it off, his or her name was neutral (Jamie) and so was his or her voice! I never saw Jamie again.. but if any of you college people are reading this (if you’re Jamie.. uhh, oops.) and remember this, please settle this for me.

Awkward indeed.





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